The C.F.H is a system capable of drilling into non-cohesive soils without having to carry out the long and laborious processes of traditional systems.
Drilling is performed through the rotation of the continuous casing to which both the tool (tricone or tri-blade bit, claw bit, etc ..) and the crown are attached.

At the end of the drilling it is possible to remove the tool using the overshot attached to a patented mechanical system, therefore freeing the hole for the insertion of micropiles, tie rods, drainage tubes or other geological methods.

With the C.F.H system it is possible to carry out vertical, horizontal and sub-horizontal holes, at depths of more than 70 metres.

The C.F.H has numerous benefits: ease of use, drilling speed and quick tool change, all of which you will find out for yourselves when using it.

The C.F.H system is available in diameters from 89 mm up to 355 mm, and can be produced in specific sizes upon request.


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